FBA Prep

It has never been easier to do business online without employees or warehouses. Previously, to sell online you would have to spend more than £3000 per month on warehousing and payroll. 

With our new service this 2022, you can sell online or offline, and we will send your goods up on your behalf at the most competitive prices available in the UK.

Send us an email if you are interested.

Start your own Amazon business today?

Alternatively, you might want to create an Amazon store and start really small, where you might select a few products on Amazon and send them to FBA, and Amazon will deliver them on the same day throughout the UK. 

We can arrange everything for you. What are you waiting for?

FBA Prep charges are as follows

30p   FNSKU
55p   FNSKU + Polybag (10p extra for each bundled item)
£1.50   Per Box
£1.50   Box labelling, receiving & forwarding
25p   Bubble wrapping

Storage & FBM Services
Prices from ...

£9   Per pallet per month 48" x 40"
£1.50  Box storage per month
£1.50  Box receiving, labelling & forwarding
£1.50   Box receiving & forwarding
25p   Bubble wrapping

Under 50 units