Manchester Wholesale Drop Shipping System (MWDS)

What is Drop Shipping?

Ever wanted to sell physical goods online, but don't have the money for any stock?

So, what's stopping you from listing & selling goods online like all the others you see on eBay, Amazon? What's is stopping you from posting items on FaceBook, Instagram, Craiglist, Gumtree, Twitter?

You don't have stock? No problem, sign up to our dropshipping program & now you have atleast 8000 products, 24/7, with almost 50 new products being introduced every month.

You know that to sell anything, besides having the money & stock, there is the BIG problem of requiring warehousing, storage capacity , warehouse staff, dispatch staff, courier services,  tracking services?

No problem, we got you covered, we have it all, ready for you 24/7, simply put 'you list, we store, we dispatch'

But you don't have a physical store, storage or staff?

How does it work - STEP 1 (LIST OUR PRODUCTS)

How does it work - STEP 2 (TELL US WHERE TO POST GOODS TO)

Video below shows you exactly how to order single you want us to ship to tour customer